SmartGrid Implementation

Our combined team will implement and integrate smart grid technologies, aligning operations with all regulatory or efficiency guidelines. Our custom methods and upgrades ensure system reliability, cyber security protection and data delivery.

Relay Protection And Control Services

Relay Design

  • Functional Single Line Diagram
  • Relay Control Panel Layout
  • Point-to-Point Wiring Diagram

Meter Configuration & Commissioning

  • Meter Settings
  • Host & RTU

Equipment Specification

  • Remote /Network Terminal Unit
  • Substation Communications Networking
  • IED Hardware
  • Transformer/Breaker Monitoring

Equipment & Technology Evaluation & Analysis

  • HMI
  • Substation Automation
  • Remote Input/Output
  • Data Concentrators

Relay Settings & Engineering

  • Fault Studies
  • Coordination Studies
  • Control Logic
  • Relay Communications Networks
  • Transformer/Transmission/Bus/Generation & Feeder Protection Engineering Designs