Specializing in Engineered Solutions

Maintaining the integrity of your electrical infrastructure is vital. Failure to comply with standards set by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) can not only result in hefty fines, but can leave you financially and operationally vulnerable. Secure and properly configured systems can actually lower your administrative cost and risk.

CE Power has created a new division devoted exclusively to NERC support—comprehensive, one-stop guidance that includes services such as relay-setting conformance, system modeling, equipment maintenance and technical training.

We are your partner from start to finish, giving you comprehensive guidance and engineering support that accommodates your needs and budget.


  • Gap Analysis
  • Required vs. recommended maintenance
  • Coordination of protection systems
  • Relay and protective device settings review
  • Interconnect requirements review
  • Design review
  • Professional engineer services


  • Budget planning
  • Upgrade requirements
  • Owner’s engineer
  • O&M requirements
  • Maintenance programs
  • Expansion / capacity verification


  • Installation services up to 500kV
  • System design/build
  • Communication programming / terminations
  • Network design / programming
  • Design and application engineering
  • Testing and maintenance
  • Commissioning / acceptance testing
  • Drawings and project closeout


  • RSAW creation and analysis
  • Mock audits
  • Documentation control
  • Historical archive
  • Engineering interpretation
  • Test report analysis