Don’t Be Left In The Dark: Know your System

How old are your previous system studies? Do you know your interrupting devices’ ratings? The questions could continue, or you could perform a short circuit study.

A short circuit study helps you understand your system better, opening the door for other studies such as Arc Flash Studies and Coordination Studies. Whether you are installing new electrical hardware, retrofilling/retrofitting, or completely replacing your system a short circuit study is a necessity. This study identifies underrated components in your system (or stops you from installing one) and prevents an overrated piece of equipment being installed, saving you money either way.

A Short Circuit Study takes the energy being fed into your system and calculates the current that runs through each line in your system and the level of the potential current flow during a fault. This fault current is then compared to the equipment duty in the system being studied. In other words, you compare the amount of energy that could potentially flow through each piece of equipment with the maximum amount of energy that the equipment can handle. Hopefully the maximum energy level is higher than the potential amount!

This study is done on energized equipment (no down time!) and requires knowledge of the system. Due to these facts, having at least one qualified person present is necessary, with both knowledge of the system and safety training enough to allow them to access energized equipment. The amount of time these studies can take vary depending on the system (among other factors) so scheduling your study now is important.

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