Graduate Apprenticeship Program
trains tomorrow’s power professionals today.

At CE Power, we are training tomorrow’s power professionals today. If you’re a recent graduate with a two- or four-year technical degree, apply to GAP, our Graduate Apprenticeship Program.

Selected candidates will be mentored by senior engineers and technicians. You’ll learn the latest from the best—gaining valuable, hands-on experience while building a relationship with an industry leader. Highlights of the program include:

12 – 18 months of training, combining field, in-house, and third party instruction

Experience preparing you to lead project with increasing complexity, focused on safety, planning and process discipline

Certification based on ANSI/NETA Standards of Certification

Adherence to IEEE, NFPA, NEC Standards 

The founder of CE Power and GAP talks about the Graduate Apprenticeship Program.

Leadership, discipline, creativity, integrity and teamwork.

The skills you gained in your military career are valued here.

We are proud to have over thirty veterans who have successfully made the job transition at CE Power. We welcome the unique skills and experience veterans can bring to our workforce. Whether you held a military job such as Prime Power Specialist, Electrician, or Nuclear Electrician, you may be the right fit for CE Power. We encourage you to contact us at to see if we can help you successfully transition into a career with CE Power.