<h1>Rhonda Harris</h1>

Rhonda Harris

Vice President of Human Resources

Rhonda Harris is the Vice President of Human Resources for Qualus Power Services, bringing over 25 years of resource management skills in the electrical service industry. She is responsible for overseeing the execution of HR strategy, administration, policy development and compliance, employee engagement, and employee life cycle management.

Harris began her career in the industry working for Power Distribution Services. Since that time, she has honed her skills in various roles including finance, marketing, inside sales and executive administration. Harris joined The CE Power company within Qualus Power Services in 2006 to oversee marketing, inside sales and ultimately, HR. As the company grew, she focused her efforts in the HR realm. In this capacity, she has been serving as a strategic partner for the executive team, drawing from her experience in different facets of the business. In 2020 she was officially brought into the Power Grid Engineering business as part of the ongoing alignment within Qualus Power Services team, as the Vice President of Human Resources.

Harris holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Finance from Georgetown College.

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