Scott Secrest, P.E.

VP of Engineering

Scott has over 26 years’ experience with engineering projects in the generation, distribution, and plant utilization segments of the electrical power industry. Scott is a Registered Professional Engineer and is NETA Level III-certified.

Jerry Daugherty, EE, PE

Fellow Engineer

Jerry’s entire career, over 26 years, has primarily been focused in the area of Power Engineering, even prior to graduation as a Student Engineer in the Transmission Department with Kentucky Utilities Headquarters (now LGE-KU). With these years of knowledge, Jerry utilizes his creative mindset, allowing him to quickly and effectively resolve challenges with low, medium and high-voltage equipment. Jerry is not only NETA Level III-certified with a significant background in testing and commissioning, he is also a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and is the Certificate of Authorization holder in several states. Jerry is also one of the original founders of CE Power.

Albert Livshitz, EE

Fellow Engineer

With over 35 years of experience in the utility/electrical power industry, Albert provides engineering and oversight for testing/commissions of large, medium and high voltage substations, transformers, protection and control systems.

Babu Patel, EE

Fellow Engineer

Babu has over 38 years of experience with all types of power distribution systems equipment including field testing, maintenance and repairs. His experience also includes studies for short circuit and coordination, Power Factor, harmonics & load profiles. He also deals with retrofits and upgrades of the protective systems and handles quality checks of the final reports. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Birla Engineering College, Gujarat, India and is a NETA Certified Level III Test Technician.