Grid of the Future Symposium – October 25, 2017

This course discusses the issues of the aging power distribution systems of the existing utilities, large industrials and campus facilities and suggest various practical solutions for modernization of the medium and low voltage switchgear including primary switchgear, protection and controls. It discusses upgrading and retrofilling the existing power distribution grid due to the increased levels of the fault currents, increased power demands, problems associated with aged equipment and lack of proper maintenance. Topics will also include review of IEEE C37.59 Standard as well as new methods and techniques available for on-line condition monitoring of the power switchgear equipment.

This course will include considerations and benefits of upgrading protective relaying systems as part of a grid modernization program. Topics will include features and advantages of modern digital protective relays, relay selection, redundancy, and impact on instrument transformers and station batteries.
Specific topics will include:

  • Arc flash protection
  • High impedance and incipient fault detection
  • Time synchronization of event records

§  Impacts on testing and commissioning